Are Pets Allowed at the Canadian American Beer Festival?

This event is for ages 19 and up, so please bring two government issued identification documents. Have your ticket on your phone and ready to scan it at the entrance. Dress according to the weather, as this festival is outdoors and will take place rain or shine. We recommend that you bring a bottle of water to fill the inside.

No other food or drink will be allowed to enter from outside. Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed at the festival. Exceptions can be made for service animals. No, but you can resell your tickets.

The name of the assistant does not need to match the name of the entries. The drinks are small in GABF, about 1 ounce (a regular beer festival usually gives you a value of 3 to 4 oz), but it's more than you think. I take note of everything I drink to keep track and I won't forget it, as the GABF can be very overwhelming. On Saturday morning I asked the Seattle couple what their favorite beer was and they looked at me with tired eyes.

The notes will help you remember, believe me. Happy Day photo credit: Claremont Craft Ales There are also a lot of things to do at the festival that aren't related to beer. Sneak up to a food stall (although I highly recommend a hearty meal beforehand), visit the quiet nightclub to enjoy a dance party, sing karaoke, get a chair massage, shop at the various beer brand boutiques, and more. GABF is a celebration of beer and it's been wonderful to experience it again.

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