Do I Need a Separate Ticket for All Events and Activities?

Do I need a separate ticket for all events and activities? This is a different question than whether someone is intelligent or not. If employees are not given prior notice about this, it's not wise, as they may have other plans, they may not even be in the city, they need to arrange childcare, etc. If a company is going to require attendance for something outside of regular working hours, it should give plenty of advance warning. However, there is no legal requirement for them to do so; there is only a practical and humanitarian requirement. The General Admission (GA) ticket type allows entry to the event at no extra cost.

Advance tickets to Georgia usually go on sale for a longer period and are usually one of the most affordable types of tickets you can offer. Students can easily access their tickets via email or on the mobile app. Each ticket has a unique QR code. Officials can quickly scan these QR codes directly from the CampusGroups mobile app (no need to download a separate app to scan QR codes).