Is Tailgating Allowed Outside During the Canadian American Beer Festival?

Tailgating, a social event that takes place in and around the open tailgate of a vehicle, is a popular activity in the United States and Canada. It usually involves consuming alcoholic beverages while cooking food on the grill or barbecue. People who attend such a party are said to be “watching from behind”. At tailgate parties, people bring their own alcoholic beverages, barbecues and food, which are tasted and shared among fans attending the back door.

Selling items to fans is frowned upon and can even be considered illegal advertising. Shopping is often considered to be a fundamental part of the sports experience in the United States. In Canada, traditional American-style tailgating has not been possible due to strong restrictions on drinking alcohol in outdoor spaces. Calgary Stampeders fans have tried to bring football to the Canadian Football League, but fans can't overcome the laws in place across the Great White North.

It's not that you can't hold a party without alcohol; it's simply the fact that the Canadian government views its adult citizens as children who cannot take responsibility for consuming alcohol outside the confines of a bar or restaurant.


was affected by negative public opinion at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, when more than a third of Americans said they would not buy Corona under any circumstances because of its association (in name only) with the coronavirus. Corona Extra is the most popular of the Corona beers and has been ranked as one of the best-selling imported beers in the U. S.

UU. Although both beers are largely disliked by American consumers, Natural Ice has a slight advantage over its sister Natural Light due to its higher alcohol content. Tailgating has extended to pre-game festivities at sporting events other than American football, such as basketball, hockey, baseball, and soccer. This could be because American drinking culture uniquely values light, low-quality beer that can be drunk quickly in large quantities.

Labatt Blue has been a reliable choice for Canadians looking for a light beer that can be consumed quickly in droves. Anheuser-Busch has been instrumental in popularizing lagers among American consumers for decades, after the beer style was first introduced to the U. S.