What is the Most Popular Canadian Beer?

Molson Canadian by Molson Coors Canada is the most popular beer in Canada. This classic beer has been brewed in the country since 1876 and is still a favorite today. It has a medium body and is well balanced, with subtle hops and malt notes, making it an excellent choice for any occasion. Whether you're enjoying a hot summer day or a good meal, Molson Canadian is always a public favorite.

It's the world's best-selling Canadian beer, made with premium ingredients such as renowned Hallertau hops, 2-row malted barley, and pure Canadian barley. It has a clean and refreshing taste with a unique hop fragrance, a delicate fruit flavor, and a somewhat sweet aftertaste. Labatt Blue is another popular Canadian beer. It was first released in 1951 as Labatt Pilsener but was eventually renamed Labatt Blue due to its blue label. It's an affordable beer that young people tend to drink a lot.

La Fin du Monde, by Unibroue, is a Belgian brand of Tripel and the company's international flagship brand. The taste of Canadian beer is often described as bittersweet. Budweiser is one of the most liked beers in Canada because of its lightness that is both sweet and bitter. It's followed by a soft and silky aftertaste. The perception that Canadian beer has a higher alcohol level than American beer also contributes to its superiority. Bud Light is one of the best beers in the United States because it comes from the largest brewing company in the country and because Americans care about their intake of carbohydrates and calories while still having a solid beer flavor.

Many Canadian and international beer brands can be found in breweries, restaurants, and bars across the country. Rickard's Red is another classic Canadian beer brewed since 1984 by Molson Coors Brewing Company Ltd. Labatt's and Molson have traditionally been the two most prominent companies in the Canadian beer market. The popularity of craft beer may be increasing, but when it comes to volume, these ten best-selling beers rank high in Canada's beer market. It was the first bottle-brewed and fermented beer in the history of the American market at the time. However, the methods of measuring alcohol in the two countries differ, causing labels on American beers to indicate a lower quantity. So, what are your favorite Canadian beers? What Canadian drinks go well after a hard-won hockey game? What beers go well with bacon and pancakes? If you're looking for the best Canadian beers to answer these questions, you've found a good starting point with this great list of Canadian beers.

Thanks to the popularity of microbreweries, you can find authentic local beers all over the country, in addition to major beer brands. The four varieties are Molson Canadian 67 Sublime, Molson Canadian 6.0 Cold Shots, Molson Canadian Lite and Molson Canadian 67.